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Miss Joy and The Joy House for kids TV Show is a modern day throwback to the classic, innocent shows parents and grand parents grew up watching like Romper Room, Mr Rogers & Sesame Street. The Joy House has been approved by DOVE.ORG 

Miss joy is bringing back the lost innocence in kids by building a place and show where all kids can go visit & learn how to think, create, be & do great! Miss Joy is starting this by introducing kids to things they may love to do. She starts every show with fitness, dance, singing, songwriting, gymnastics, sports, designing, art & fun new "Joy House" learning games that every kid loves but the ideas she has are endless. The best of the best of the greatest teachers, coaches, artists, athletes, scientists & leaders will want to come to The Joy House and show and teach all kids how to be great! At The Joy House every child will learn to believe in themselves, feel special and find hope because they will learn that anything is possible if you if you learn to focus, try, practice, work hard, dream and never give up! The kids are going to continue helping Miss Joy to keep building The Joy House while at the same time they will learn how to start building their own happy place by discovering and finding their joy!
Video of how Miss Joy came up with The Joy House for kids!

THE JOY HOUSE TV SHOW  for kids crested  by Angelina Joy Emanuele AKA Miss Joy
Miss Joy and The Joy House for kidsJPEG.JPEG

Angelina Joy Emanuele AKA Miss Joy was Washington DC's & Time Warner's US FINALIST for Cable's Leaders in Learning "Cable in the classroom" for GENERAL EXCELLENCE for The Joy House TV Show, School Program, Music & Vision for kids in 2007 and she has never stopped working creating & building her dream for kids! Song by song, dance by dance, class by class & show by show The joy House contiues to grow every year!

Please visit JOYHOUSETV - Miss Joy and The Joy House for kids on YOUTUBE.

Would love it if you could SUBSCRIBE while there. You will find lots of positive, self esteem building Joy House Music Videos (from The Joy House TV Show) plus live footage and documentary videos of Miss Joy and the kids in action! Working out, stretching, dancing, singing, songwriting, designing, playing games learning, practicing and and just having JOY HOUSE FUN!

Miss Joy has taught three generations of children and knows what kids love to learn, what they love to sing and what they love to do! Kids are never bored at The Joy House because Miss Joy teaches kids to focus, try, work hard, create and practice everyday they soon learn what they put in is what they will get out and Miss Joy knows this is what truly builds positive self esteem in children hard work, being fearless, trying everything and never giving up is what helps build self confidence in all kids! 

Miss Joy has a gift for making every kid feel special because she involves them and gets them helping her to write, create and build The Joy House and this magic makes it The Joy House timeless! Through her work, vision and positive self esteem building Joy House Music she writes Miss Joy is changing lives!


As she teaches and writes and the kids sing "Give Joy, Get Joy" this is how true lasting change will happen!. Miss Joy has always known, ever since 1999, it is kids who will change this messed up world! 


The Joy House TV Show will be streaming soon. Miss Joy produced 26 half hour shows for the kids

Miss Joy & The Joy House for kids press, photos, songs and past work

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